Hilda Was a Goodlooker


Time Out says

Broken fragments of narration accompany broken fragments of 'Hilda's' physique. A woman recalls the early aspects of her family's life, centering on her older sister's rejection and subsequent acceptance of her suitor (who, in a lighter moment, wins the girl over by banging his head against the wall). Thew's intention is unclear; we are able to get an idea of what Hilda's life might have been like, but to what end? The mystical images with their repetitious depictions of the parts of the whole, the passionate silhouettes, the fragments of thought and footwear, amount to little more than mystical images of parts of the whole, passionate silhouettes, and fragments of thought and footwear.

By: SGo


Release details

59 mins

Cast and crew

Hermine Demoriane, Jacky Davy, Kevin Allen, George Saxon, Anna Thew
Hermine Demoriane, Jacky Davy, Kevin Allen, George Saxon
Mary Thew
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