Hillbrow Kids

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Time Out says

A documentary highlighting the legacy of apartheid. Once a vital city centre, Hillbrow has become a shambles of street markets and ignorant, homeless people. The tower blocks in this built-up area of Johannesburg are now boarded up, violent crime is rife, begging endemic. Silas, a goodlooking lad with a surprisingly mature head on his shoulders, should by rights be violently resentful of his lowly situation. Like most of his peers, his parents have disowned him, he has nowhere to live and he partakes in the odd bit of glue sniffing. Yet despite the squalor, the kid's optimistic, yearning for the day his ship comes in. It probably never will. Poignant, enlightening and heartbreaking.

By: DA


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Hammon, Jacqueline Görgen
Regina Ndlovu
the street children of Johannesburg
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