Time Out says

Elemental, sweeping and often majestic, this is both an engaging drama and a labour of love in tribute to the Buddhist, semi-nomadic people of the Dolpo, a remote region deep in the interior of the NW Himalayas. At the film's heart is a stunning re-enactment of a strenuous, often perilous annual yak caravan through the mountains. As the harvest yields only three months' food, salt must be traded for extra grain. Around this the film-makers weave a story dramatising themes that typify the conflicts and traditions of a threatened culture. The non-professional cast are given roles to suit their abilities, but turn in uniformly winning performances. If there's a fault, it lies in the director's occasional difficulty in sustaining narrative and dramatic flow without sacrificing his concern to reproduce authentic ethnographic detail.


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Eric Valli
Eric Valli, Olivier Dazat
Thilen Lhondup
Gurgon Kyap
Lhakpa Tsamchoe
Karma Wangel
Karma Tensing Nyima
Labrang Tundup
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