His Lordship


Time Out says

A dozen or so under-rehearsed chorines in suspenders shuffle through a bit of a number involving buckets and mops, and that's as near as this quota-quickie musical gets to Busby Berkeley. Long considered a 'lost' Powell and only lately rediscovered, it confirms the director's 'never say die' credo, here applied to a sluggish scenario which draws on such '30s indicators as a plumber who's really a lord, a publicity-mad film star and some comic Bolsheviks. (There can't be many English-language movies with a heroine named Leninia.) The songs are quite amusing in the cabaret style of the day, and the low key, fretful persona of Jerry Verno is not unattractive.

By: BBa


Release details

77 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Powell
Ralph Smart
Jerry Verno
Janet Megrew
Ben Welden
Polly Ward
Muriel George
Peter Gawthorne
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