Hollow Man

Film, Science fiction

Time Out says

Verhoeven's basic revamp of The Invisible Man begins entertainingly enough in cartoon medical sci-fi territory. Particle 'reversion' experiments proceed in a secret underground laboratory masterminded by egomanic Dr Sebastian Caine (Bacon), under the loose auspices of the Pentagon. Following some tentative success with a lab gorilla, Caine volunteers his own body to the cause of biological transparency. But has he really cracked reversion, or will it crack him? The director doesn't exploit the political angle, preferring to attend to some decidedly hammy sexual triangulation between Caine, his ex Linda McKay (Shue), and her secret new lover (Brolin). Once invisible, Caine's licentiousness grows steadily nastier - the problem being that since the doctor's conscience was clearly only ever skin deep, his degeneration offers little suspense and even less of a moral. Cue basement action and slasher movie tropes entirely in service to the special effects.

By: NB


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Paul Verhoeven
Andrew W Marlowe
Kevin Bacon
William Devane
Elisabeth Shue
Kim Dickens
Joey Slotnick
Mary Randle
Greg Grunberg
Josh Brolin
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