Hollywood Boulevard


Time Out says

Prentice work from the carefree young persons who went on to give you Piranha and Rock'n'Roll High School. Reputedly cobbled together in ten days, most of which must have been spent collating the outtakes from Death Race 2000, this is probably the ultimate movie in-joke: a parody of Roger Corman's outfit (New World Pictures), made by the people who work for it. The plot includes several murders, an unscrupulous star (Woronov), a director (Bartel, of course) who can't decide whether to pay homage to Von Sternberg or Godzilla, and a great many clips from actual New World product. The relentless obviousness is ultimately rather wearying, but the finale manages to be suitably outrageous, and it's undoubtedly a treasure trove for Corman buffs.

By: TR


Release details

83 mins

Cast and crew

Joe Dante, Allan Arkush
Patrick Hobby
Candice Rialson
Mary Woronov
Rita George
Jeffrey Kramer
Dick Miller
Paul Bartel
Jonathan Kaplan
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