Hollywood Buddha


Time Out says

A truly peculiar piece of navel-gazing, this DV comedy of Hollywood manners stars French-born struggling producer Philippe Caland as an embattled French-born struggling producer named "Philippe Caland." Broke and reduced to living in a tent behind his unfinished trophy house, Philippe desperately hopes to sell distribution rights to his necrophiliac film, Dead Girl (an actual Caland movie from 1996), whose star has subsequently hit it big. Caland dares you to sort out fact from fiction, and it's all very house-of-mirrors without being especially enlightening.

By: MM


Release details

75 mins

Cast and crew

Philippe Caland
Philippe Caland
Philippe Caland
Michel Nahas
Susan Knego
Steven Siegel
Hugette Caland
Theo Cardan
Martin Malle
Nancie Boykiss
Pierre Caland
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