Time Out says

Rourke has usually played knock-nutty, but this time, as an ageing boxer from Arkansas, at least he has an alibi. Johnny Walker winds up at a run-down seaside resort, is befriended by small-time entertainer and petty thief Wesley (Walken), and falls for The Nice Girl (Feuer) who runs the carousel and pony rides. Resisting Wesley's plan to rob some orthodox Jews of diamonds, Johnny fights for the big purse, although he knows that with his cranium one blow can kill him (he needs the money to repair the carousel, see). Rourke is credited with the story, and it's a compendium of his screen characteristics - the inner tenderness postulate that can only be reached by cracking the kernel against the wall for reel upon reel, the preposterous walk, gobbing in two kinds (blood and saliva), lots of up-ended bottles, and very sparse dialogue. Sentimental and self-indulgent, with snot added.

By: BC


Release details

116 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Seresin
Eddie Cook
Mickey Rourke
Christopher Walken
Debra Feuer
Thomas Quinn
Kevin Conway
Antony Alda
Jon Polito
Reubén Blades
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