Honeysuckle Rose


Time Out says

Schatzberg might be a very urban cowboy (Panic in Needle Park, Puzzle of a Downfall Child, Sweet Revenge, etc), but there's no evidence here of slick, Altman-style condescension to country 'n' western culture. Instead there's an unforced equation of the upfront emotional currency of C&W lyrics with a simple triangular plotline pared down from Intermezzo (singer Nelson and wife Cannon almost come apart over the lure of the road and one more infidelity). Nothing new under the sun - but the easy-going fringe benefits are well worth the ticket: Nelson's a natural, and the duets with Cannon are pure gold.

By: PT


Release details

119 mins

Cast and crew

Jerry Schatzberg
Carol Sobieski, William D Wittliff, John Binder
Willie Nelson
Dyan Cannon
Amy Irving
Slim Pickens
Joey Floyd
Diana Scarwid
Emmylou Harris
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