Honkytonk Man


Time Out says

One of the most oddball and heroically unfashionable superstar vehicles ever contrived. Only Eastwood, with the rest of Hollywood obsessed with taking us up where we belong, could have the audacity to play a comparatively odious and untalented country singer dying of consumption during the Depression. Much of the film is concerned with his picaresque pilgrimage to a Nashville audition along with nephew (played by Eastwood's son) and grandpappy (the excellent McIntire), and it culminates in a last-chance recording session during which the singer nearly coughs himself to death. The whole thing veers wildly in quality, and no Eastwood-hater should go within a mile of it; but few lovers of American cinema could fail to be moved by a venture conceived so recklessly against the spirit of its times.


Release details

123 mins

Cast and crew

Clint Eastwood
Clancy Carlile
Clint Eastwood
Kyle Eastwood
John McIntire
Alexa Kenin
Verna Bloom
Matt Clark
Barry Corbin
Jerry Hardin
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