Horse Feathers

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

The title means bunk or baloney, a fitting epithet for the Brothers' second screen original for Paramount, where the lads and their writers threw sanity to the winds with a wildly disorganised parody of academic life. Groucho is president of Huxley College, where no student appears to be under thirty-five. Chief subjects on the curriculum seem to be football, sex, the delivery of heinous puns (haddock/headache) and the refurbishing of old vaudeville routines (the biology lecture). The Brothers have never been so chaotic or so aggressively funny.

By: GB


Release details

70 mins

Cast and crew

Norman Z McLeod
Harry Ruby, Will B Johnstone, SJ Perelman, Bert Kalmar
Thelma Todd
David Landau
The Marx Brothers
Nat Pendleton
Reginald Barlow
Robert Greig
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