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Photograph: Galeforce Films

Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

This clear-eyed British doc is a cry from the heart for a more compassionate attitude towards immigrants

It is often said that ‘home is where the heart is’, but this raw, unshowy and powerful doc exposes just hollow that saying can ring for those who have put down roots in Britain.

If media coverage alone defined what it meant to be classed as an illegal immigrant, it would paint the picture of criminals who arrived without invitation, took what wasn’t theirs and made no contributions to society. Within the opening scenes, Hostile demonstrates that the supposed crime these people have committed isn’t theft or endangering human life but the mere act of existence.

Told through the lenses of four people from Black and Asian backgrounds, each harrowing vignette demonstrates how citizenship – or even a visa – can be a rug that can be swept from under your feet without warning. Powered by the raw emotion of sincere interviews with members of the Windrush generation and those who have fled conflict zones, Hostile cuts ruthlessly through the bureaucracy to spotlight the local heroes fighting against an often cruel system. 

More than simply a documentary, Sonita Gale’s film is call to action that brings the humanity to the forefront and cries out for a more compassionate approach from legislators to those who need our care. Here’s hoping it reaches the right people. 

In UK cinemas now.

Written by
Whelan Barzey

Cast and crew

  • Director:Sonita Gale
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