Hot Dog… The Movie


Time Out says

Target audience: boys of 15 who don't get out much. Predicting that we might soon weary of downhill action, this virtually plotless ski picture is decorated with hot tub frolics and a wet T-shirt contest. Rivalry is set up between the blonde, blue-eyed underdog hero and a party of unconvincing Germans, reinforcing the impression that skiing is an all-white, all-male activity. The lone black guy in the crowd is startlingly noticeable. Despite the timidity of the film's ambitions, the footage of ski skirmishing is artfully shot and assembled and occasionally (ski-borne ballet!) bizarre. Lingering shots of ski-wear brand names are unlikely to be accidental.

By: DO


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Markle
Mike Marvin
David Naughton
Patrick Houser
Tracy N Smith
John Patrick Reger
Frank Koppola
James Saito
Shannon Tweed
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