Hot Money


Time Out says

Presumably this Canadian offering kept Welles in cigar money for a couple of weeks, but it's sad to see him reduced to such dreck. (The film was started in 1979 by director George McCowan, but not completed until after his death.) Murphy's the ex-con, now working as a small-town deputy, who pulls off a $1m theft from a local widow, then worries that his boss, sheriff Welles, will lose his job because of it. (The producer apparently re-shot much of the original material - and the final director credit remains something of a mystery.

By: TJ


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

Selig Usher
Phyllis Camesano, Joel Cohen, Neil Cohen, Carl de Santis
Orson Welles
Michael Murphy
Michelle Finney
Harry Ramer
Ken Pogue
Alfie Scopp
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