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Meg Moynihan (Goodall), an Australian based in London, is the author of a feminist memoir nominated for the Booker Prize. The book's caused waves back in her small hometown. Here Meg's sister Hilary (Gillmer) has been joined by their youngest sibling Pippa (Strictly Ballroom's Morice), who's flown in briefly from business in the US. By the time Meg's anxiety has sent her back to the family nest, a death has upped the stakes in sisterly recrimination. At which point, Marge Morrisey (Plowright), a literary local, turns the domestic turmoil into a debate on the changing face of Australian cultural identity. An earnest trawl through the personal and artistic legacy of Ocker patriarchy, based on a play by Hannie Rayson.

By: TJ


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Franklin
Richard Franklin, Peter Fitzpatrick
Caroline Goodall
Caroline Gillmer
Tara Morice
Ray Barrett
Joan Plowright
John Hargreaves
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