House of America


Time Out says

In an isolated prairie-style house built from corrugated iron, the Lewis family - mad mam (Phillips), teenage dreamers Sid and Gwenny (Mackintosh and Palfrey), and their down-to-earth young brother Boyo (Rhys, sympathetic) - struggle to cope with the void left by their absent husband/father who 15 years before traded the green green grass of South Wales for the wide open spaces of America. More like an overwrought Sam Shepard psycho-drama than a downbeat study of doleful teenagers, this adapted play (by Edward Thomas) eschews miserabilism in favour of a poetic celebration of naive teen dreams about burning bright and dying young. With no local heroes to call their own, the Harley-riding Sid and Gwenny lose themselves in a drink and drug-fuelled fantasy of the American Dream derived from Kerouac's On the Road. The bleached photography and Welsh-dominated soundtrack adds notable texture to an ambitious debut.


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Marc Evans
Edward Thomas
Siân Phillips
Matthew Rhys
Steven Mackintosh
Lisa Palfrey
Richard Harrington
Pascal Laurent