House of Angels


Time Out says

After a rural community's elderly patriarch snuffs it, anticipation runs high that his neighbour, wealthy farmer Axel (Wollter), will buy up his property, but his granddaughter Fanny (Bergström) turns up on a Harley Davidson with leather-clad companion Zac (Wolff) and decides to move into the house. The locals are suspicious that the pair will bring Big City ways to this sleepy corner of the country, and though harmony is eventually restored, Nutley by no means makes this a sure thing. The film's slow to start, but the measured pacing clearly delineates the two parties' separate agendas, as tension builds between them and the ostensibly decent villagers start haranguing the newcomers out of narrow-mindedness, anxiety and mistrust. While the portrayal of open-hearted oldster Gottfried (Gunter) sugars the pill, there's an unexpectedly trenchant analysis of simmering everyday prejudice: a movie that smiles at you with gritted teeth.

By: TJ


Release details

119 mins

Cast and crew

Colin Nutley
Colin Nutley, Susanne Falck
Helena Bergström
Rikard Wolff
Sven Wollter
Reine Brynolfsson
Ernst Gunter
Per Oscarsson
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