House of Frankenstein

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Universal's second horror stew, which tried to go one better than Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man by featuring, in addition to those two luminaries, Dracula, a mad doctor, a psycho hunchback and a Chamber of Horrors. It's absurdly indigestible but surprisingly watchable, thanks to classy camerawork from George Robinson, with Carradine making - all too briefly - a superb Dracula. Mad doctor Karloff and the Frankenstein monster (Strange) meet their end in quicksands.

By: TM


Release details

74 mins

Cast and crew

Erle C Kenton
Edward T Lowe
Boris Karloff
Lon Chaney Jr
John Carradine
Glenn Strange
Lionel Atwill
George Zucco
J Carrol Naish
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