House of Wax

Film, Horror

Time Out says

One of the better 3-D epics (Warners' first, pioneering effort). Handsomely mounted and directed with great care, it nevertheless remains oddly lacklustre by comparison with the 1933 Mystery of the Wax Museum, despite being an often word-for-word remake. One reason is that where the original acquired an additional charge of bizarrerie by locating its Grand Guignol monster within a private enclave of bustling, contemporary New York, this remake is much more conventionally set in the fantasy world of gaslight, ground fogs and opera cloaks. Still, Price is fun (this was the film that typed him as a horror star), the fire in the waxworks is good for a gruesome thrill, and De Toth brings off one classic sequence with Kirk fleeing through the gaslit streets pursued by a shadowy figure in a billowing cloak.

By: TM


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

André De Toth
Crane Wilbur
Vincent Price
Phyllis Kirk
Frank Lovejoy
Carolyn Jones
Paul Cavanagh
Paul Picerni
Roy Roberts
Charles Bronson
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