Howard the Duck


Time Out says

Howard T Duck, of Marvel Comics, might well have a beef against Lucasfilm for transforming his magnetic comic strip personality into a zipperless polyester duck-suit (filled interchangeably by eight different actors, each apparently under four feet in height) in this aimless movie. As it begins, its hero is zapped out of his tranquil life in Duck World and mysteriously transported to Cleveland, Ohio, where he meets the lead singer (Thompson) of an all-girl punk band. Moved by the violent, anarchic lyrics which sink to depths of depravity only previously reached by the kids from Fame, Howard takes an interest in the girl. But the consummation of their love must wait, as the same forces which brought him to earth now threaten the planet iself. Eventually, some wonderful special effects mercifully take over as Jeffrey Jones is transformed into the evil 'Dark Overlord' and slugs it out with one of the duck-suited thespians.

By: SGo


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110 mins

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