Humanoids from the Deep


Time Out says

Despite the sex of the director, a more blatant endorsement of exploitation cinema's current anti-women slant would be hard to find: the strain of humanoid ecological mutants featured here don't stick simply to killing everyone in sight, but carry the sexual premise of the Black Lagoon a stage further into a compulsion to rape. Peeters also lays on the gore pretty thick amid the usual visceral drive-in hooks and rip-offs from genre hits; and with the humour of an offering like Piranha entirely absent, this turns out a nasty piece of work all round.

By: PT


Release details

81 mins

Cast and crew

Barbara Peeters
Frederick James
Doug McClure
Ann Turkel
Vic Morrow
Cindy Weintraub
Anthony Penya
Hoke Howell
Linda Shayne
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