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Time Out says

A child stumbles on an edgy, well-dressed man in an abandoned warehouse. The man grabs the boy and drags him from the building, leaving the body of a murdered man lying in the rubble. From this taut beginning, the film (set in Glasgow and the surrounding country) develops into a study of the pair on the run and of the demons that pursue them. Bogarde, in one of his earlier starring roles, is persuasive as the jealous husband who has stepped outside the law, and his gradual redemption and growing fondness for young Robbie (Whitely) is believable and touching. Crichton's direction produces a tense, forbidding atmosphere with imagery occasionally echoing that of Laughton's Night of the Hunter. Melodramatic but compelling.

By: TCo


Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

Charles Crichton
Jack Whittingham
Dirk Bogarde
Jon Whiteley
Elizabeth Sellars
Kay Walsh
Frederick Piper
Julian Somers
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