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This melodrama of murder and miscegenation was to have been directed by Polanski, who might perhaps have introduced some sexual curiosity. Troell's version is more polynesian pap than polymorphous perversity. American naval commander's virginal daughter (Farrow) is seduced by the pulsating beat of native loins in Pago Pago. The enviable loins belong to Dayton Ka'ne, a bronzed cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robby Benson, but their love augurs badly - the entire cast overacts at the mention of it, and Mia's dad (Robards) can't decide whether he's Captain Queeg or Captain Ahab. As it becomes clear that lots of scenes didn't make it into the final cut, the hurricane does to the landscape what everyone else has done to the script. And even the effects don't cut it.

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120 mins

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