I Am Frigid…Why?


Time Out says

If there's anything worse than a French underground movie, it's a French sex movie, especially those of Pécas: a less sensual director is hard to imagine, and he has a most calculated and unpleasant way of mixing instant trend into his banal little stories. Our heroine in this effort - last seen suffering from a contrary malady under the same director in I Am a Nymphomaniac - is frigid due to some sexual game-playing on the part of the son and daughter of her father's employer (she's just a gardener's daughter). One finishing school, accommodation agency, brothel and theatrical assistantship later, she's realised that her only hope lies with her first true love, he realises he always loved her too, and that's that. Hardly enlightening.


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Max Pécas
Max Pécas
Sandra Jullien
Marie-George Pascal
Jean-Luc Terrade
Anne Kerylen
Thierry Murzeau
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