I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Falling somewhere between The Evil Dead and Carry On Screaming, this refreshingly effective horror spoof throws caution to the wind and entrails to the floor when hirsute biker Noddy (Neil Morrissey) buys a Norton, which turns out to be a spawn of Hades. Garage-bound by day, at night the satanic cycle fuels up on the blood of Hell's Angels, traffic wardens and streetwalkers. When Noddy turns to a priest for assistance, he is met first with scepticism, then with steely resolve as the eccentric cleric (Daniels, neatly twitchy) tools up for an exorcism, God on his side and sacred Ninja weaponry in reserve. Filmed on a minute budget around Birmingham's back streets, Campbell's debut maintains a base level of quick-witted humour while ladling on grungy gore, courtesy of the Image Animation team. The uniformly respectable performances are rather overshadowed by Elphick's deadpan Inspector Cleaver (all sour-faced garlic-breathiness). Schoolboy toilet humour with teeth.

By: MK


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Dirk Campbell
John Wolskel, Mycal Miller
Michael Elphick
George Rossi
Amanda Noar
Daniel Peacock
Neil Morrissey
Anthony Daniels
Burt Kwouk
Andrew Powell
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