I Know I'll See Your Face Again


Time Out says

Another intriguingly strange Belgian film. Here's a droll, leisurely, rather enigmatic b/w comedy-drama in which a twenty-something coming out of a broken romance decides to leave Brussels for brighter climes. But instead, for no clear reason, he checks into a little hotel, whence he starts wandering the city and having odd encounters with various characters - including, of course, a girl. Faintly surreal in its use of non sequiturs, dramatic ellipses and subtly offbeat gags; regrettably, the film is so modest that it never quite lives up to the promise of its first half.

By: GA


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Alex Stockman
Alex Stockman
Stefan Perceval
Stefanie Bodien
Josse De Pauw
Marie Bulté
Jacqueline Bir
Senne Rouffaer
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