I Love You Again

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Powell, Loy and 'one-shot Woody' Van Dyke (the latter didn't dawdle) put The Thin Man series on hold to film this equally zestful screwball comedy. The gambit's a corker: when he's clocked with an oar, fusty small-town businessman Powell suddenly remembers he's a con-man, not the model citizen he's been playing for eight years. He forgets everything else about his life while he's an amnesiac and falls in love anew with his beautiful but bored wife. Loy, however, wants a divorce. The pace flags after the first reel, but cracking dialogue and the stars' perfect rapport ensure plenty of giddy fun.

By: GM


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

WS Van Dyke
Charles Lederer, George Oppenheimer, Harry Kurnitz
William Powell
Myrna Loy
Frank McHugh
Edmund Lowe
Nella Walker
Donald Douglas
Pierre Watkin
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