I Love You to Death

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Based on a real-life story - jealous wife Fran Toto made or contracted for five attempts on her unfaithful husband's life, landed in prison, and was eventually reconciled with her forgiving spouse - this sketchy comedy sinks beneath the weight of predictability. While Joey (Kline) spins pizzas and compliments female customers, his wife Rosalie (Ullman) puts his flirtation down to Italian blood. When she learns that the dalliances involve sex, however, her murderous rage knows no bounds. But assorted ploys to end his life are all futile; not even bullets fired at point blank range can kill him. A starry cast assists Ullman in her plans - Hurt, Plowright and Phoenix all have a go at Joey - but their presence is just one more symptom of the film's extraordinary lack of restraint. In straining towards humour, John Kostmayer's script falls back on crude exaggeration, and the result is woefully unfunny.

By: CM


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Lawrence Kasdan
John Kostmayer
Jack Kehler
Miriam Margolyes
Keanu Reeves
Kevin Kline
Tracey Ullman
River Phoenix
James Gammon
William Hurt
Joan Plowright
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