I Shot Andy Warhol


Time Out says

Engrossing, informative and beautifully performed account of the psychological turmoil and various other pressures that led Valerie Solanas, founder and sole member of SCUM (the Society for Cutting Up Men), to gun down Andy Warhol. Despite a long, rather too self-conscious party scene, complete with Velvets, various superstars and conversations on couches, the re-creation of the Factory and its population is mostly spot-on: Taylor's paranoid but spikily intelligent Solanas is a triumph, as is Dorff's Candy Darling. And if Harris is perhaps a little too enervated as Andy, the film's sharp take on sexual politics, the allure of fame and the artistic pretensions of a vanished era lends it substance a-plenty. There's a score by John Cale, too.


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