I Think I Do

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

The Big Chill warmed over. A group of friends reunite for a wedding: Bob (Arquette) humiliated himself at college when he made a pass at best friend Brendan (Maelen), who went on to sleep with Sarah (Hagan); now Bob's got a boyfriend of his own, soap star Scott Sterling (Watkins), and it's Brendan who wants Bob; someone better tell Sarah... The chief problem with this would-be screwball comedy is Bob. A man supposedly witty, charming and adorable, he is, in fact, an obnoxious, petulant bore who deserves to be beaten about the head. With a sinking heart you realise this ain't gonna happen. Meanwhile, poor undesirable Sarah, the uptight, square, voracious bitch who we're supposed to hate, makes great sense. Indeed, the only character for whom we feel what we're supposed to feel is the ageing, superficial hunk Sterling. Watkins is a natural comedian and delivers his lines with a mix of vanity and sweetness. He's a clue, perhaps, to what might have been.

By: CO'Su


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Brian Sloan
Brian Sloan
Alexis Arquette
Christian Maelen
Lauren Vélez
Tuc Watkins
Marianne Hagan
Maddie Corman
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