I Was Happy Here


Time Out says

A horribly pretentious and sentimental film which still manages to retain a degree of emotional power, with moments of real intensity and conviction. It's about an Irish girl (Miles) who returns to her home in Ireland after an unhappy marriage, and is pursued there by her bullying husband (Glover). The film is certainly much better than Davis' earlier Irish story The Girl with Green Eyes (also adapted from Edna O'Brien), but it's dogged by the awful tricks of overemphasis which he seems to have learned from his patron Tony Richardson.

By: DP


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Desmond Davis
Edna O'Brien, Desmond Davis
Sarah Miles
Cyril Cusack
Julian Glover
Sean Caffrey
Marie Kean
Eve Belton
Cardew Robinson
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