I Was Monty's Double


Time Out says

Released in America under the marvellous title of Heaven, Hell and Hoboken, I Was Monty's Double is a low-budget tour de force. Based on real events - an actor (James, who really was used as a double for General Montgomery during the Allied invasion of Europe in World War II) is hired to impersonate Monty and so confuse the Germans by popping up in odd places - the film neatly uses the elevation of a nobody to honoured hero to question the notions of heroism that so many British war movies unquestioningly supported. Highly enjoyable.

By: PH


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

John Guillermin
Bryan Forbes
John Mills
Cecil Parker
ME Clifton James
Marius Goring
Michael Hordern
Leslie Phillips
Patrick Allen
Bryan Forbes
Victor Maddern
John Le Mesurier
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