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I Will…I Will…For Now


Time Out says

Harry and Walter Go to New York demonstrated that the talents of Diane Keaton, that beautifully composed comedienne who neatly partnered the cack-handed and physically inconsequential Woody Allen, were not equally suited to those of the exuberant and brawny Elliott Gould. The main problem with this leaden marital farce climaxing in a Californian sex clinic, however, is not so much that the Keaton/Gould partnership again fails to spark, but that Norman Panama's lamentable script, based on a Hollywood approach to sex and marriage decades out of date, is executed with all the lack of subtlety and brightly lit jollity of a Doris Day heartwarmer. Though hardly surprising in view of Panama's creaky comedy antecedents, it is still wincingly embarrassing to see accomplished performers cavorting in such rubbish.

Release Details

  • Duration:108 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:Norman Panama
  • Screenwriter:Norman Panama, Albert E Lewin
  • Cast:
    • Elliott Gould
    • Diane Keaton
    • Paul Sorvino
    • Victoria Principal
    • Warren Berlinger
    • Candy Clark
    • Robert Alda
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