I Won't Go Back Home


Time Out says

Shot in moody b/w, this bemusing, tedious little number begins with a murder, then goes back to trace the movements of the assassin, revealing a disintegrating family background in his restless past. The film brings out nothing definite by way of characterisation or narrative tension, lumbering from one lifeless encounter to another, as its 70-odd minutes pass with glacial slowness. One scene where the protagonist rolls marbles at length around a glass-topped table will have you screaming for him to get on with it.

By: TJ


Release details

74 mins

Cast and crew

Albertina Carri
Albertina Carri, Paula Carri
Martín Churba
Gabriela Toscano
Manuel Callau
Analía Couceyro
Fabiana Falcón
Ricardo Merkin
Manuel Vicente
Márgara Alonso
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