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Time Out says

What should have been a self-deprecatory checklist of Deep South gin joint clichés, this Prohibition-era musical starring pioneering hip-hop duo OutKast recklessly opts for po-faced drama and comes off more like ‘Moonwalker’ meets ‘Harlem Nights’. Childhood friends Rooster (Big Boi) and Percival (Andre 3000) dream of breaking into the music industry until The Church, the nightclub that acts as a portal for their songs falls into the hands of bullying shit Terrence Howard. As expected, through a combination of blazing gun battles, an animated talking hip flask, some unbridled misogyny and a peculiar fusion of jazz and hip hop (available on the accompanying album of the same name, kids!), they manage to save the club, their friends, their careers, but, sadly, not the film. And for a band whose music is suffused with such delicate irony, you’d expect at the very least for there to be a few laughs along the way? There are none . Nothing. Zero. Promo director Bryan Barber, who worked with the band on their memorably loopy ‘Hey Ya!’ video, is entrusted with writing and directorial duties and proves there’s a good reason that up until now he has only ever been asked to direct films which last no longer than four minutes. Without the music, ‘Idlewild’ would be nothing more than a two-hour excuse to dress up in silly trousers. 



Release details

Release date:
Friday October 13 2006
121 mins

Cast and crew

Bryan Barber
Bryan Barber
André Benjamin
Macy Gray
Terrence Howard
Patti LaBelle
Ving Rhames
Cicely Tyson
Antwan A Patton
Faizon Love
Malinda Williams
Ben Vereen
Bruce Bruce
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