Il Capitano


Time Out says

Jan Troell's plodding tale of a punkish teenage couple thieving their way across Finland suffers from memories of Malick's Badlands. The girl wants out after the boy kills her rabbits, but can't break the spell of the tyrannical psycho who winds up shooting a family. All we know about him is generic: he watches Sid Vicious doing 'My Way' on the motel TV, likes car crash video games, and cuts the cards to determine their destination. Inordinately slow, with endlessly similar highways and little faith in the audience's uptake. Unsensational.


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Jan Troell
Per Olov Enquist
Antti Reini
Maria Heiskanen
Harri Mallenius
Berto Marklund
Antti Vierikko
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