In Rwanda We Say… The Family That Doesn't Speak Dies


Time Out says

Extraordinary examination of how the so-called gacaca legal process of reconciliation in Rwanda is working. Aghion follows the release of Rwamfizi, one of those 80,000 or so imprisoned for their role in the ethnic genocide of the Tutsis, his experience back in his home village in Ntongwe and the response of those still alive. 'How can you embrace one who has decimated your whole family?' is the fundamental question asked by one of Aghion's interviewees. No easy answers here. In March 2004, Le Monde quoted a French police report that re-elected president Paul Kagame himself gave the orders for the rocket attack that triggered the genocide of 1994. (See also Aghion's 2002 documentary Gacaca, Living Together Again in Rwanda?)

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54 mins

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Anne Aghion
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