In Shifting Sands: The Truth about UNSCOM and the Disarming of Iraq

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Time Out says

Ritter was the UNSCOM weapons inspector who resigned his post in 1998 in the belief that the team's original UN mandate to disarm Iraq was being deliberately prolonged to keep the heat on Saddam Hussein, irrespective of facts and finds on the ground. His dry detailed documentary talks us through the saga, with an admirable gallery of witnesses (just about everyone except Richard Butler and Madeleine Albright) and occasional in situ video material setting out a dense, convoluted history of intrigue and suspicion on all sides. Ritter's contention is that the Iraqis were disarmed so far as was verifiable, although mysterious games of concealment continued for reasons he can't explain; and that the first impartial and empowered UN mission in Iraq was steadily corrupted by US string-pulling, with Richard Butler deliberately paving the way for the 1998 Anglo-US bombing campaign. It's certainly a useful and corrective history lesson, if not a film with any obvious wider significance.

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92 mins

Cast and crew

Scott Ritter
Scott Ritter, Scott Rosann, Alex Cohn
Scott Ritter
Rolf Ekeus
Tariq Aziz
Tim Trevan
Lt Gen Amer Rashid
Lt Gen Amer al-Sa'adi
Scott Rosann
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