In the Shadow of the Sun


Time Out says

A collection of Jarman's 1972-74 home footage of friends superimposed around and over 1980 footage of a 'car trip to Avebury'. The 'effects' were all architected at the Super-8 stage, before the arty-fact achieved its final 16mm form. It features recurrent themes: a figure at a typewriter who may/may not be composing/dreaming the experience; slow cavortings by would-be mythopoeic figures (i.e. naked folk); flames; dunes; a woman swinging her skirt; a couple dancing; lots of robed and masked movers; knockoff plaster heads after the Grecian; and a depiction of angst that could easily be mistaken for an Anadin commercial. Mitigating against that sort of mistake is the soundtrack music by Throbbing Gristle (i.e. much electronic doodling with swells of 'meaningful' sound as a persistent shuffler of Tarot cards discovers an antique key and waves it at the viewer). Influences are legion here: Tai Chi movement, Murnau's Nosferatu, the wonders of the colour Xerox machine, Windscale-style protective clothing, Alan Alan's Holborn magic shop, and thermography. But, alas, zilch emerges from them; indeed, Jarman's genuine imagination as a designer seems totally in abeyance. Over fifty minutes, it's just not possible to keep your mind from wandering out to make a baloney sandwich.

By: CR


Release details

51 mins

Cast and crew

Derek Jarman
Christopher Hobbs
Gerald Incandela
Andrew Logan
Kevin Whitney
Luciano Martinez
Lucy Su
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