Inadmissible Evidence


Time Out says

Misfiring adaptation of John Osborne's play about a middle-aged solicitor oppressed by his sense of failure and his feeling that the whole world is conspiring to exclude him, with Williamson repeating his brilliant stage performance to lesser effect. The main problem is the intrusive camera/editing style which reduces the original lengthy diatribes to tetchy little snippets, simultaneously cutting Osborne's magnificently theatrical anti-hero down to size: instead of being effectively inside a man's mind, we are now left outside, wondering why we should be expected to sympathise with such an unprepossessing, self-centred bore.


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Anthony Page
John Osborne
Nicol Williamson
Eleanor Fazan
Jill Bennett
Peter Sallis
David Valla
Eileen Atkins
Ingrid Brett
Gillian Hills
Lindsay Anderson
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