Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Film, Action and adventure
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Photograph: Courtesy Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Time Out says

A film which smacks of Raiders of the Lost Ark in both mood and effects, even down to a tank chase which drags Jones' well-worn heels along the desert floor. Saving us from a sense of complete déjà vu is the introduction of Connery, Medievalist professor and Indiana's father. His screen image provides the perfect fatherly foil to the larger-than-life hero. Pursuing a life-long obsession with the Holy Grail brings the prof into the grip of dastardly Nazis, who of course are after the same thing. It's Indiana Jones to the rescue of his father, the Grail, nay democracy itself. Wisely dispersing with attempts to recapture the central romance of Raiders, the emotional core is served this time by the sparring relationship between Indiana and his dad. Jeffrey Boam's script dabbles with themes of neglect and reconciliation, but there's nothing ponderous about the duo's near death scrapes and light-hearted tussels over the same blonde Fräulein.

By: CM


Release details

127 mins

Cast and crew

Steven Spielberg
Jeffrey Boam
Alexei Sayle
Julian Glover
Sean Connery
John Rhys-Davies
Alison Doody
Robert Eddison
River Phoenix
Harrison Ford
Michael Byrne
Denholm Elliot
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