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3 out of 5 stars

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3 out of 5 stars
Nearly a decade ago, Kosashvili had a festival hit – and, unusual for an Israeli film, a UK release – with the excellent ‘Late Marriage’. A couple of features later, he’s back on our screens with this boot-camp comedy-drama set in 1956, with a motley crew of physically, mentally and emotionally unfit conscripts being trained up – seldom very successfully – to defend Israel from its neighbours. Political primarily in its astute allusions to differences between Jews from the diaspora, the movie initially suffers from weak, near-stereotypical characterisation and limp gags, but gathers momentum as it proceeds into a deeper grasp of individuals’ needs and motives. Could be funnier, could be darker, but it’s undoubtedly worth sticking with.



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116 mins

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Dover Kosashvili
Dover Kosashvili
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