Intimate with a Stranger


Time Out says

Los Angeles. After the break-up of his relationship with fellow academic Michelle (Nayer), ex-philosophy professor Jack Hawkins (producer/co-writer Mangin-Turner) walls off his emotions and becomes a gigolo. However, while Hawkins is meant to be an intellectual masquerading as a gigolo, Mangin-Turner looks more like a gigolo masquerading as an intellectual. 'You can be intimate with a stranger, but a stranger to intimacy.' The development and visualisation of this notion leave much to be desired. It doesn't help that the first in a series of women who drift into the jaded gigolo's life is Summer (Lee), a beautiful schoolgirl wanting to lose her virginity to an older man who won't brag about it. Nor that his other clients (frustrated housewife, unfulfilled career-woman) are chiefly 'types' - each with her own monologue (sometimes straight to camera) explaining why she's after sex and solace in unequal measure. Tediously talky.


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94 mins

Cast and crew

Mel Roberts
Mel Roberts, Roderick Mangin-Turner
Roderick Mangin-Turner
Daphne Nayer
Amy Tolsky
Lorelei King
Janis Lee
Darcey Ferrer