Into the Blue

GRIEF COUNSELING Flanery, left, and Williams bond over their tragic losses.
GRIEF COUNSELING Flanery, left, and Williams bond over their tragic losses.

Time Out says

Part Spring Break Shark Attack, part WB-style rehash of 1977's wet-T-shirt fest The Deep, this is one shallow, gorgeous wallow in the travails of absurdly attractive people who get in a whole lot of trouble and wriggle out of it like golden eels. Sun- and surf-loving Sam (Alba) and Jared (Walker) are po' folks. Low-level gigs in the Bahamian tourist industry just about pay for a trailer and kibble for their scruffy lunk of a dog—but they have love. Jared's old pal, big-city criminal lawyer Bryce (Caan), is also poor—too much lifestyle, too little bankroll—but he has an up-for-anything tramp (Ashley Scott) and the keys to a jailed client's palatial vacation home, complete with boat.

Amateur treasure-hunter Jared takes them prospecting and they come up with a handful of tantalizing clues that they may have found a legendary wreck; they also find a small plane full of dead drug traffickers and hundreds of kilos of cocaine in waterproof packages. Why not use the dirty dope to fund the totally legal salvage project? Lots of reasons, really, starting with sharks, possessive drug kingpins, ruthless rival treasure hunters and bad karma. The cast is basically the sum total of golden skin, firm flesh and blindingly white teeth. But the roles demand little more than nonstop partial nudity, relentless athleticism and the ability to scream, so it all adds up just fine.—Maitland McDonagh



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