Into the Mirror

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Ex-cop Woo (Yu), who blames himself for causing the death of a colleague while confronting a villain, works as a security guard in the Dreampia department store. When corpses begin littering the premises, always found in front of mirrors, his attempts to solve the mystery bring him up against his old enemy, no-nonsense cop Ha (Kim Myeong-Min). The film seems to take forever to reach a fairly obvious pay-off, dragging in the obligatory spectral girl (Kim Hye-Na) to complicate matters, and then spends even longer delivering backstory and quasi-scientific explanations for the mayhem. The first-time director shows little grasp of the way the genre works, but he does deliver an agreeably creepy coda to wrap things up.

By: TR


Release details

Release date:
Friday October 8 2004
113 mins

Cast and crew

Kim Sung-Ho
Kim Sung-Ho
Yu Ji-Tae
Kim Myeong-Min
Kim Hye-Na
Ki Ju-Bong
Kim Mung-Su
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