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Griffith's immensely influential silent film intercuts four parallel tales from history (spanning Babylon, Christ's Judaea, Reformation Europe, and turn-of-the-century America) to embroider a moral tapestry on personal, social and political repression through the ages. The thematic approach no longer works (if it ever did); the title cards are stiffly Victorian and sometimes laughably pedantic; but the visual poetry is overwhelming, especially in the massed crowd scenes. And the unbridled eroticism of the Babylon harem scenes demonstrate just what Hollywood lost when it later bowed to the censorship of the Hays Code.

By: CA


Release details

12 mins

Cast and crew

DW Griffith
DW Griffith
Lillian Gish
Mae Marsh
Robert Harron
Constance Talmadge
Miriam Cooper
Alfred Paget
Elmo Lincoln
Walter Long
Bessie Love
Seena Owen
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