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Time Out says

Gentle, almost soporific rural drama about the travails of a 55-year-old bachelor farmer when faced by the imminent prospect of two unsought partnerships. While the dairy demands that he modernise his milking equipment and a neighbour offers to pool resources, his feisty old mother starts placing lonelyheart ads for him in the photo-romance magazines that she reads interminably with her two cronies. A French TV production that's a little too impressed by its own observation of quirky custom and character, and ends up as naively 'charming' as its unlikely hero.

By: PT


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Alain Dhouailly
Paul Le Person
Hélène Dieudonné
Danièle Ajoret
Bernard Lajarrige
Rémy Carpentier
Jenny Cleve
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