Invisible Adversaries


Time Out says

Dancing a forlorn quickstep along the interface between dreams and waking, Austrian Anna surfaces to that sinister sound of white noise on the radio informing her that aliens, or at least Invisible Adversaries, have invaded human beings. Noticeably blasé about this looming revelation, she seems to regard it as yet more evidence of the way that modern life disfigures its artists, men dump on women, the police hit you on the head, and Kreisky's Austria represses everyone. It's possible that this state of mind is brought on by her boyfriend urinating on her head in the mornings, but whatever the reason, she does seem fairly unhappy, morosely photographing faces and leaving the baby in the fridge. It's either a feverish deconstruction of the bourgeois modes of representation, or more likely what you'd expect to find on Time Out's back page under 'The Way It Was, Dec 1972'. Not unlike W.R. - Mysteries of the Organism; it will probably age as badly. CPea.

By: CPea


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Valie Export
Peter Weibel
Susanne Widl
Peter Weibel
Dr Josef Plavee
Monika Helfer-Friedrich
Helke Sander
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