Invisible Light


Time Out says

Kim's first fiction feature (after documentaries and video installations) divides into two parts, each centred on a lonely and displaced young woman. In California, Korean student Ga-In (Choi) recoils from her affair with a married man, cuts herself off from the world and lapses into bulimia. Visiting Seoul, the man's estranged wife Do-Hee (Lee) wonders whether or not to to abort the child she's carrying and persuades a friendly barman (Jung) to pose as her husband for a visit to her granny, who turns out to be senile. A touch too slow and minimalist for its own good, this could use more plot and less angst. But it's useful to assert female points of view in Korea's still predominantly macho culture, and the film is exceptionally good looking.

By: TR


Release details

76 mins

Cast and crew

Gina Kim
Gina Kim
Lee Sun-Jin
Choi Yoon-Sun
Jung Chan
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