Invisible Stripes

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

A thoroughly predictable tale of the tribulations of an ex-con. Released from jail simultaneously, bad boy Bogart goes back to the rackets, good guy Raft to a careworn mother (Robson), a hopeful younger brother (Holden), a fiancée who snottily ditches him (Patrick), and an ill-paid job from which he is summarily fired as untrustworthy. Unable to make a decent living because of his 'invisible stripes', in despair because he can see his brother edging towards crime in his turn, he emulates Sydney Carton's 'far, far better thing' to team up with Bogart in a series of robberies. The gesture costs him his life, but does stake Holden to a garage and enable him to marry his sweetheart (Bryan). The terminally dreary Raft does little to brighten the soggily soapy proceedings.


Release details

82 mins

Cast and crew

Lloyd Bacon
Warren Duff
George Raft
Jane Bryan
William Holden
Humphrey Bogart
Flora Robson
Paul Kelly
Lee Patrick
Henry O'Neill
Marc Lawrence
Leo Gorcey
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